Patchwork cement tiles - bright colours

  • Availability: > 80
  • €155.26 / m2

Create your own patchwork composed of any designs of "bright colour cement tiles". Examples of patterns visible in the picture.

Patterns of tiles from the "premium" category are usually carried out in 14 calendar days, where we first check the availability of tiles by e-mail. Selected patterns can be chosen as a piece, and the minimum amount is 4 m2.

Type: floor tiles, cement
Dimensions: 20x20 cm (1m2 is 25 tiles)
Thickness: 1.5 cm (color layer: 0.4 cm)
Weight: 1.2 kg (1 tile)
Finish: natural (slightly matt) or shiny (using a polish)

Waiting time: 14 business days
Minimum order: 4 m2
The minimum amount of one pattern: 12 tiles (0.48 m2) - in the case of such quantities, please place an order by phone or by writing to the contact address.
Price for 1 m2

Make your own Patchwork

To arrange a patchwork, it should be specified what tiles should be in the patchwork (a minimum of 12 pieces per one pattern - 1 box). We encourage you to use a special patchwork simulator, thanks to which you can see and design a patchwork, In the pictures we have presented some suggestions for choosing cement tiles for patchwork of classic cement tiles, however, there are very wide possibilities of creating such patchworks. Patterns can be selected from the Premium category.

A unique feature of Spanish cement tiles is the pattern that is created when laying more tiles. Only when arranging many tiles you can see the full richness of the pattern that arises from seemingly simple tiles. So laid floor (although tiles are also suitable for a wall) gives a spectacular effect.

Patchwork cement tiles are the perfect idea for a unique and original interior floor finish. Thanks to the strength that is the result of a hydraulic production process, they can be applied to floors in all types of interiors, as well as on the balcony. Floor tiles from Spain are ideal for home interiors, but also for hotels, pubs and bars, embassies or public buildings.

Our cement tiles have undergone very detailed research on quality. They were repeatedly tested for resistance and abrasion. We recommend the use of impregnate (it is in our offer), which not only allows you to protect the tile from dirt and liquids, but also makes the tile colors more saturated.