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- 1 package allows for positioning up to 2m2 of cement tiles
- For porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles
- High adhesion and flexibility - S1 class !
- Resistant to deformation of the substrate on balconies, terraces and underfloor heating
The mortar Ceresit CM 17 is used for fixing ceramic tiles, cement and stone (except marble) on deformable substrates. Bond properties provide a flexible connection to the substrate carrying the shear stresses between the plate and the substrate. Therefore CM 17 is recommended for fixing tiles on slender partition walls, heated floors, facades, terraces and balconies, as well as in the basins of swimming pool and technology for water tanks. The high adhesion of the mortar makes recommended it to the tiles with water absorption <3%, for example. Grit also very large formats (pow. 1 m2) and for fixing tiles on critical substrates: the existing plates, strong and firmly adhering paint coatings, substrates gypsum, anhydrite, concrete cell.

Preparation of the product: The content of package should be poured into a container with a measured amount of cold water and stir using a drill with a mixer until the homogenous mass without lumps. Wait 5 minutes and mix again. If you need - add a small amount of water and stir again. Spread the mortar across the substrate with a notched trowel.

Usage: Do not soak tiles in water! Arrange them on the mortar and press down until the mortar still sticks to your hands. Do not lay tiles on contact! Maintain the width of the joints according to the tile size and the operating conditions (in the case of cement tiles 2mm). Fresh stains should be cleaned with water, and the hardened mechanically removed. Grout no earlier than after 24 hours. When applying CM 17 combined method should be used, ie. Beyond the distribution of the glue on the surface with a notched trowel should be smooth tool to apply a thin layer of mortar on the mounting surface tiles.