Mexican Ceramic Sinks

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Mexican SInks Cerames

We are pleased to present an elegant sink straight from Mexico. This exclusive bowl with a beautiful sea motif is made in the traditional Talavera technique and it comes from the small town of Dolores Hidalgo in central Mexico. Talavera technique is characterized by a wealth of design and color intensity, which are so characteristic of the burning sun of Mexico. Certainly this sink will highlight the uniqueness and style of your bathroom!

Due to the fact
that the sinks are handmade, so each sink is unique, basin delivered to you may slightly differ from the bowl presented in the photograph. In the pictures you can see odbłyskające light wash.

This sink is dropped in, a arrish sticking to the surface sink countertop or cabinet. Basin forms one element of the table top decoration, which results in a sense of harmony and elegant simplicity. Drop-in sinks are comfortable, practical to use and extremely easy to keep clean.

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