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Water and oil repellent - colour intensifier is highly recomended for protection fo the tiles.
Drying time 30 min
Time to take effect 48h
Usagae up to 10m2 / l
Colour enhancing impregnant is a high quality impregnant that makes the surface oil- and water- resistant; at the same time intensifing tile colours. It also has a high abrasion resistance.

User manual:

Use the sealant undilited. To maximize the effect we strongly recommend using beforehand the Grout Stain Remover and leave it to dry for at least 12 hours. Apply Tile Sealant evenly with a paint roller on the clean and dry tiles. Use a dry sponge to remove ant foam bubbles. Depending on the area and porosity, repeat treatment several times (at least 2x). Immediately remove any undissolved product.