Moroccan sinks

Ceramic sinks from Morocco

1. Are moroccan sinks durable?
Our sinks are very durable. Traditional manufacturing methods, high quality raw materials and carefully managed manufacturing process make our sinks very durable. The quality of our sinks has been confirmed by certification with CE mark. All sinks from our range have been tested for temperature, abrasion and crack resistance. The sinks are made of ceramic. Therefore, these, like all such products, may be damaged as a result of improper use.

2. Are the patterns on the Moroccan sinks abrasion resistant?
Yes, the patterns on the sink are resistant to mechanical damage and the influence of chemical agents. This resistance is based on the fact that each pattern was made with a high quality color and at the same time is part of the glazing. If the surface of the sink is scratched (unfortunately there are no titanium-coated sinks), the pattern remains undamaged because the sink is coated with a thick layer of glaze with paint.

3. Are the Moroccan sinks safe for your health?
Yes, the sinks are completely safe for your health. In the production of our products only natural raw materials are used. The pigments in the glazing are lead-free.

4. Are the washbasins from Morocco equipped with an overflow?
No, almost all sample sinks from our range, both the single and top versions (with the exception of round counter top sinks) don't contain an overflow.

5. How big is the drain hole?
All Moroccan sinks are equipped with a 1.5-inch wide standard overflow.

6. Can the built-in washbasins be used as essay versions?
Yes, all built-in washbasins can also be mounted as add-on versions. Flat edges allow the installation of the sink also under the sheet.

7. How are the sinks made?
The manufacture of washbasins from Morocco begins with a mixture of two varieties of clay. The mixed clay is then placed in the water. Corresponding water content increases its forming properties. The remaining water is then filtered off with all the dirt and the clay itself is tamped with your feet. Individual clay portions are placed in the molds (depending on the type of washbasin) and left to dry for a period of eight to twelve weeks. The first firing takes place in the temperature of 850 degrees Celsius. Each washbasin is coated with a ceramic glaze. This gives it a specific shine and a characteristic color. After applying the glaze, the washbasins are hand-painted. All colors are prepared from natural mineral pigments. The sink is then fired again but this time in the temperature of 1050 degrees Celsius. The product thus gets better durability and highest quality. Moroccan ceramic sink

8. Can I see your sink in a shop?
At the moment we did not do traditional business. In order to gain a closer overview of our products, we would like to present some of our products in the largest Polish bathroom showrooms in the future.

9. Do I get exactly such a sink as in the photo?
All Moroccan washbasins are hand-painted (the pattern is also applied manually) and unique. Therefore, the delivered washbasin may differ slightly from its photo image. The differences may relate only to the details of the pattern.


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