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Cement tiles » Hexagonal

Monocoloured cement tiles

Cement tiles » Hexagonal
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  • Price: €102,-
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Type: floor tiles, cement
Dimensions: 20 x 23 cm
1 sqm inculdes 22 tiles
Thickness: 1.5 cm (thickness of colour: 0.4 cm)
Weight: 2.40 kg (1 tile)
Finish: natural
shining or mat

Shipping time: 14 working days
Minimum order: 5m2
Price includes 1m2
Informacje o produkcie
Spanish cement tiles is the perfect idea for a unique and original floor finish your interior. Thanks to the versatility and durability that are the result of hydraulic production process can be applied in all kinds of interiors, as well as on the balcony. Spanish cement tiles are ideal for home decoration, but also hotels, pubs and bars, embassies and public buildings.

Hydraulic tiles manufacturing process has been born in the mid-nineteenth century, but only in the next century gained fame spanish floor tiles. They have become synonymous with style and luxury. Today may decorate your home or apartment, giving him a note of sublime beauty straight from sunny Spain.

Our tiles passed a very detailed study on the quality. Repeatedly subjected to the tests for resistance, and abrasion.

There are also single-color tiles and the tiles - the elements to create a border.

Other useful information:

Create your own tiles (waiting 7-8 weeks)

Spanish floor tiles - useful information

It is possible to obtain samples

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